The Club Night // 00:00-08:00
We are all steamed up about it, the long-awaited return of iN Baku in partnership for the first Clubbing Heritage in Caucasus is finally happening on July 1. We arrive to Azerbaijan for our encounter with the aim to catapult ourselves in cultural event at Zeon 2.0. During the night we will let you witness the unconventional genius of Stanislav Tolkachev, an enigmatic sonic alchimist from Ukraine with his mesmerizing fusion of techno and emotion. The line up will be completed with 00rt, she is the driving force from Khidi Tbilisi transcending musical boundaries, and Irshad Hussein, one of the most talented resident artist from iN. As part of #SaveTheNight project by Jagermeister.
iN floor
The Panel // 19:00 – 20:00
During our event Clubbing Heritage x iN on July 1, we prepared a free entry conversation titled “Redefining the Dancefloor: New Paradigms in the Ever-Evolving scenes”.
Our guests are Tamuna Axander, co-founder and curator of Khidi Club in Tbilisi – Georgia; Stanislav Tolkachev, sublime live artist and DJ master, producer from Kyiv – Ukraine; Natig Ismayil, co-founder of iN Club – Baku and Scene Clubbing Heritage – Berlin.
We will exchange stories and analyse insights on the development of clubbing scenes in these post-Soviet countries; with a special touch on their similarities and differences with more mainstream scenes.
Artwork by scanate___
Graphic by Leyli Ahmadova