Michael Wells – UK
Founder of London based imprint Weekend Circuit.
with his label he works closely with artists : Pär Grindvik, Developer, YYYY, Rommek, Stanislav Tolkachev, etc.

* https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/michaelwells
* https://soundcloud.com/michaelwells

George Effe – AZ
“George effe” Dj / Producer from Baku, (Azerbaijan)
Being a part of new sound and electronic scene of Baku
George also one of the first residents at IN club
( first and only underground club in Baku )
Was creating amateur music since his teen years.
He debuted as a producer in 2012.
His music is deeper, atmospheric and hypnotic, that reflects in his live sets and work in the studio.

* https://soundcloud.com/george-effe

John Rory – AZ
Ayaz is young and gifted artist who has been making waves in Rotterdam’s emerging underground scene. Arriving to Azerbaijan at times John Rory has been taking his first steps in DJing and promoting the nights at IN Club, in which he became a resident eventually. This year he has been engaged in project named “Locked In” taking place in Toffler, which is considered to be one of the best clubs in Netherlands. To discover the depth of music he chooses to focus entirely on the production and collecting records.

* https://soundcloud.com/johnrory


050 6880813