Newa aka Ana kublashvili is a Georgian dj and a producer. Her debut release Away From Mind Ep was released in 2012 on a German label Sub.Spiele Records. After one year Newa released another track “Hedgehog” on the same label including remixes. Both releases were the synthesis of house and experimental music, which were her early works feature characteristics. Later Newa changed her direction towards techno and released AC EP on Blackbird Records . AC EP with dominated acid sound later was the winner on the annual electronic music ceremony “Electronauts” in the category of the album of the year 2013. in 2016 Newa released her track on the Georgian Label Bassiani among the artists as Varg, Abdulla Rashim and Avi Musaifi. 12 inch vinyl compilation BAS002. and another Georgian label ICONTRAX.

GEORGE EFFE – ( IN resident )


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